Sunday, January 23, 2011

New friends & something warm

Happy Sunday to All. Boy this weekend is just flying by. I have been working on all kinds of great goodies & give-a-ways for my Customer Appreciation Event next Saturday (the 29th). Make sure you are registered. Registration ends today at 5 pm. OK now on to the good stuff.

As most of you know I went to Leadership by myself (well kinda, my husband, Craig did travel with me). But I did not know a single person when I got there. The night before Leadership started (since I didn't qualify to go to Manager's Reception - just wait next year I will be there) I ate dinner with a group of great ladies from an online Demonstrator group that I am on. These two ladies with me were part of that group. Denise is on my right & Isis on my left. They were actually roommates whom had never meet before getting to Leadership. The funny thing is Denise is a local girl. Originally from Pekin, Illinois, just on the other side of Peoria from me. Small world huh. These two ladies I spent almost all of the next two days with & can honestly now call them my friends.

So as for stamping...I don't know how they weather is where you are...if you are my new friend Isis (who is from Miami) you are warm. But here in Central Illinois it is extremely cold. So to help warm us up how about a nice cup of Hot Chocolate?

I am not sure who designed this cute gift card. I took a picture of it when someone was holding it during one of our general sessions. So that means it could be one of 999 people (not 1,000 because I know I didn't make it). It uses one of the neat single stamp images out of the new occasions mini catalog.

One of my new favorite this that I just got for Christmas (Thanks Santa Mom) is My Digital Studio. Here is a picture of just a few of the neat things you can make using this awesome program. (After all the items from Leadership be on the look-out for me to post some items that I am making using My Digital Studio).

No more having someplace make our Christmas cards. I will be able to make them all by myself. Just love it.

Well I must get back to my gifts for next Saturday. I hope to see you there.

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  1. I'm following you now from Stampin Connection, I'm #117 on the list. Hope you can follow me too!

    Karla c(: