Wednesday, February 2, 2011

These are neat!

On this super snowy day (or at least it is in a majority of the country & really is where I am), I thought I would share some really unique items that I saw at regional. I have no idea who made them or who even is holding them. That is just some of the craziness with sharing at an event like this. I spent a lot of time saying "Can I take a picture of that?"

These ladies had on these awesome t-shirts that they said were made by their upline (person that signed them up) as a gift for attending Leadership. She had taken a decor element & adhered it to the t-shirt. Then sprayed bleach lightly over it. Let it dry then removed the decor element. How simple but awesome is that? This will definitely be showing up at a class near you (well near you if you are near me). But I think it is definitely a summer item. That way the t-shirts will dry quickly in the nice warm sun...sorry I was daydreaming about warm sunny weather.

These next two pictures aren't that great but hopefully you get the idea. This person took one of our window sheets & made a clear card out of it. How unique is that?

You can see by this 2nd picture that they placed the scallop oval on the inside to cover the adhesive holding the front cardstock on. I believe they did something similar with the inside & the back but I did not get a picture of the back. I just thought this was a super unique idea using a product that not as many people know that we have. Window sheets by they was can be found on page 205 of the big catalog. They come in two thicknesses. I believe that this person used the medium.

That's it for this snowy day. At some point my husband, oldest son & I must go out & tackle the snow on the driveway. Lucky for me my husband has had a few meetings he had to call into for work so that has been delaying the manual labor. Hope to get some pictures to share with you. Right now we can't even open our front door. The only reason we can the back door is because we keep shoveling it so the dogs could get out to do their business. : ) So off to stamp some cards for Regional in a little over a week.

Have a great snow day!

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