Friday, October 8, 2010

Christmas Time!

Boy I am just all over the Holidays this week. Here is a short post to show you the next addition to my Christmas Card Event. The winner from my previous cards is the Peace on Earth Card with the glass glitter & the candy cane material. I am pretty sure that I like this card not colored but sometimes I have problems with overly simple cards. I always think "I must add more" and sometimes you just don't.

So the weekend is upon us so I don't think I will have anything else to post over the weekend. Football game tonight. It is our final home game & it's Senior Night. I am saddened to think that next year I will have two seniors...where does the time go? Then tomorrow morning I will be seeing some of you at A Card for Every Season & after that we are off to another Marching Band Competition. Sunday the girls are having some pictures take...I might even share of few next week. The kids are off of school on Monday so trying to run some errands with them. Hopefully on Monday I will at least post a couple of cards from tomorrow's group event. Have a Great Weekend! Go EAGLES!

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