Thursday, September 30, 2010

Next UP!

Oh my goodness have I been busy. Both with the family & stamping. I should have a new post every day for the next few days at least. So much is coming up for the next few months. It is just crazy. Make sure you keep an eye on my class & events schedules they will be filled in soon. Get signed up for your favorites as soon as possible because space is limited.
Ok today's post goes with the previous one. It is a pendent made with designer paper & a washer. Yes I said a washer, like bolt, nut & washer. At my gift event on December 4th, you will be able to choose a bracelet &/or a pendent set that will have 5 interchangeable washers decorated front & back, 2 different colored bracelet &/or pendent straps and will come in a metal tin that we will decorate with a designer paper bow. I will post the tin & bow on a later post, hopefully next week.

This is the front but could be switched around to be the back.

With this side. Sorry about the blurry picture...not sure what happened with that one. : )

Here it is so you can see the whole necklace. It has a lobster clasp it is just hard to make out in either of these pictures.

The next post will be a spooky one. Be on the look out tomorrow (hopefully).

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