Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Holiday Mini Catalog

The Stampin' Up Holiday Mini Catalog is Here. If you have not yet seen this catalog are you in for some suprizes. It is filled with wonderful new items. Just to name a few: the embossing folders (pg 6 & 26), waffle papers (pg 8 & 21), stampin' sound cards (pg 15), designer fabic - yes fabric (pg 16), letterpress plates (pg 42) & so many other great items. Get your holiday planning underway. For ordering send me an email, call or shop 24 hours a day on my online website.


  1. Hi Kristy,
    I'm following you from Stampin'Connection.
    I hope you have time to hop over and follow me.
    thanks so much,


  2. I love your blog Kristy! Where are you in Illinois. I live in Minn but am from Davenport Iowa. Follow me at my blog
    Your Paisley card is so cute and made me order that stamp set and wheel which I hadn't preordered. Bev

  3. Found your blog through SC. I'm your newest follower.

  4. Thanks to you 3 for following. I am now following each of you.
    Bev - I am in Dunlap just to the north of Peoria. I am glad I could help someone else fall in love with a stamp set they didn't have yet.

  5. Hi, Kristy! I am following you from SC. I am at
    My sister lives in Kickapoo!

  6. Hi Ann, Kickapoo is just down the road about 15 minutes. Small world. : ) Following you know too.